The American cancer Society has announced that it is taking its biggest step in its history into the politics of health care reform. The society has decided to spend 15 million dollars in advertising on behalf of Americans with too little or no health insurance.

Their campaign will include TV commercials, web sites and magazine advertisements that portray the many challenges that the under insured and uninsured cancer patient is forced to endure.

The American Cancer Society’s goal is to reduce the cancer death rate by 50% and the incidence rates by 25% by 2015. The society has concluded that these goals are unattainable if the health care insurance system is not fixed.

The theme of their kick-off web site is “Everyone should have access to quality cancer care. Fighting cancer is tough enough without having to fight for the care you need; but many uninsured and under insured Americans are facing this difficult situation. This site will show you what we’re doing and how you can help. Because winning the fight against cancer depends on improving access to quality cancer care.”

The complete site can be seen at:

Joel T Nowak MA, MSW