People are always complaining that they can’t afford to pay $13 for a Viagra pill. Who can blame them? It’s not as if you can put a bottle of pills on layaway (or would want to, for that matter). So a lot of folks are left “frustrated” in more ways than one.

As a matter of fact, it was the cost of Viagra that drew me into online conversation in the first place. I was doing some research on Caverject, an injectable ED drug, when I stumbled onto a men’s discussion group. Somebody was complaining bitterly about the cost of Viagra. He said it made him especially depressed when he took a pill and “the money went to waste.” Am not sure exactly what the guy meant, but I felt sorry for him. So I posted a message informing him and all the others that you can get the generic stuff from India for $2.50 a pill.

I find the whole idea of paying for sex repugnant. But Ted pointed out that men have been doing this since the beginning of time. Specifically, he noted: “A guy gets married, and he ends up paying through the nose”. (Smart-Alec slept on the couch that night.)

I have to mention that it is illegal to import generic ED drugs from abroad. I do not encourage lawbreaking, and I understand the need to protect intellectual property. But I also realize that there are countervailing societal and personal issues involved here, which optimally, the law should take account of.

For one thing, it’s not in the interest of society for people to be running amok because they’re sexually frustrated. And I think it’s inhumane to deprive people of sex because of the price tag. Especially prostate cancer patients.

So, if you are unlucky enough to be the first Viagra customer to be prosecuted for violating the applicable patent laws, I suggest you plead NECESSITY as an affirmative defense. A lot of people say they can’t live without sex.

You won’t believe this, but I just read a post from a guy in another group who said he ordered some ED drugs from India, and next thing he knew the “Homeland Security Department” was knocking at his