Our brothers in Australia can finally have access to Taxotere!

The Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) has finally listed Taxotere for men with hormone refractory prostate cancer. Now, our brothers in Australia will not have to personally pay to obtain their Taxotere. Up until this point, those who were able to afford to pay for Taxotere were spending about $18,000 to use this drug. Now, they will be able to save this money and finally Taxotere will be accessible to the many men who just could not afford to buy Taxotere.

It’s about time that the PBS has included Taxotere. Those of us who are on this journey have no other alternate at this stage of the disease. The fact that so many men were not able to have access has been a shame. None of us should be denied the few drugs that are available.

Joel T Nowak MA, MSW