One Blood Test and Four Different Options

In addition to the three cancers, I also have an arthritic condition. My rheumatologist has prescribed certain medications that require regular monitoring for liver damage, so every six weeks I go into the lab to have a complete blood panel along with my PSA. Included in the blood panel are also some kidney screens. One [...]

Yes, I have Recurrent Prostate, Thyroid & Renal Cancers, But I Also Have Today

I have come to the conclusion that as the Eastern Faiths teach, it is important to stay in the "here and now." At my current age of 56 and being a three cancer survivor (including a recurrence) I have learned not to turn back and waste my energy on the questions like "why me." From [...]

First Cancer Vaccine Approved In Russia

When I provided testimony at the FDA in support of the application for approval of the vaccine Provenge®, I had the opportunity of meeting some of the representatives of the biotech company Antigenics (AGEN). Since I am also a renal cancer survivor they initially approached me asking if I would be willing to meet them [...]