Response Vs. Reaction: The Mouse Theory of Dealing with Cancer

I was at a restaurant recently and I saw a mouse shoot across the floor and scamper under a table. I wasn’t the only one who noticed the little critter. A number of people began to scream, especially some of the people who were at the table that the mouse chose to pass under. Actually, [...]

Malecare Founder and Executive Director Darryl Mittendorf Recognized For His Major Contributions To The Prostate Cancer Community By PCRI

Malecare's Founder and Executive Director Darryl Mitteldorf was this years PCRI winner of the Harry Pinchot Award.  He is  long deserving of this award.  I would like to thank Darryl for his years and years of work and PCRI for recognizing his major contributions to our prostate cancer community. Thank you Darryl A video of [...]

From A Survivor of 5 Primary Cancers Wishing You Just Joy Today, Tomorrow and the Next Tomorrow

Don't let today's joy be stolen by tomorrow's worries. Tomorrow can steal today, but only if you forget that tomorrow has not yet come. I will be happy and joyful today and tomorrow, tomorrow's worries will just have to wait until tomorrow or maybe even the next tomorrow because I don't have any extra room [...]

Confronting The Terror in Boston – What It Could Mean for Us

We all know about the terror that has struck Boston. Two bombs exploded near at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, killing three people and seriously injuring over 150 other individuals! One of the dead was an eight-year-old child. I know when I heard about the death of the child I prayed that this [...]

From A Recent Post I Made on the AdvancedProstateCancer Support Group

My personal belief is what does it matter since all of our goals really should be finding ways to live our lives to the fullest, gain all possible life extensions while also maintaining a decent quality of life. There are things that are just out of our personal control, those we just need to accept. [...]

The Role of Hope and Faith In Fighting Prostate Cancer

You are sitting in your doctor’s office listening to the doctor tell you that you have prostate cancer! Immediately, numbness and disbelief creep into your reality. Over time, the news sinks in and you begin to understand the diagnosis, you have cancer. Your world has been changed and will never be the same. All of [...]

Tomorrow Is Men’s Health Night

Remember, tomorrow night is the first annual MEN'S HEALTH NIGHT. Light a blue bulb to honor a man in your life or to remember a man who had been important to you. Brooklyn Borough Hall (Brooklyn New York) will be lit blue in celebration. The Prostate Cancer Coalition of North Carolina has embraced Men's Health [...]