Prepare to Hear More About Combidex Technology

It has been announced by the International Strategic Cancer Alliance that a Dutch university that intends to launch global trials has purchased the Combidex technology. Combidex is a scan contrast that periodically gets discussed among prostate cancer survivors, but it has not been available for a few years.  It is an injectable nanoparticle fluid (contrast) [...]

PET/MR Imaging More Efficacious for Mapping Recurrent Prostate Cancer

Approximately one third of all men diagnosed and treated for prostate cancer will experience a recurrence of their prostate cancer! This is a shocking number, but it is a true number. It does not matter what the treatment a man has, the statistic holds up across all treatments. The first sign of a problem, a [...]

On The Horizon- MRI Guided Ultrasound Ablation of Prostate Cancer Tumors

In 1999 there was a new company started, InSightec, when GE Healthcare and Elbit Medical imaging joined their technologies to develop and manufacture non-invasive magnetic resonance (MRI) guided focused ultrasound technologies. The company has been in the process of developing a system that combines MRIs with ultrasound to non-surgically destroy fibroids and tumors. The company [...]

FDA Warns About Risk of Wearing Medicated Patches During an MRI

The FDA has issued an emergency warning that certain adhesive patches (transdermal patches) that deliver medication through the skin have been found to be a risk to patients safety while they undergo a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). If these problem patches are affixed to the skin while actually undergoing the scan they can cause skin [...]

From the New York Times, The Scan That Didn’t Scan

In today’s New York Times Gina Kolata wrote a very interesting article about the unreliability of MRIs for diagnostic purposes. She wrote from the perspective of orthopedic injuries, but since MRIs are main stays for us suffering with prostate cancer, there is an important message for us. Her story revolves around a running injury that [...]