Stage IV Prostate Cancer Incidence Down, Survival Up, But More Younger Men Make up an Increased Proportion of the Diagnosed

According to a study funded by Amgen Inc., the incidence of stage IV prostate cancer has significantly declined and survival has improved, but the scary side of the equation is that younger men represent an increasing proportion of those diagnosed. The study was published in the June issue of Urology. […]

BMI & Prostate Cancer Recurrence

There has been a lot of controversy over the association between obesity and the eventual biochemical failure of men treated for prostate cancer. Research performed at the Cleveland Clinic, Lerner College of Medicine of Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio attempted to determined whether there is an association between body mass index and biochemical failure [...]

MEN’S HEALTH NIGHT – Light A Blue Bulb for Your Man on November 21

We all have a man or men in our life whom we love, respect and wish to honor. November 21, which is fast approaching, is a date which is being set aside to honor them. November 21 is our country’s first annual MENS HEALTH NIGHT. On this night we all have an opportunity to honor [...]

What Causes Bone Fractures in Prostate Cancer?

We all know that one of the common problems many of us will confront when fighting prostate cancer is experiencing bone fractures. Somtimes these fractures happen for little or no obvious cause. Why are bone fractures, especially spontaneous fractures (without any evident reason) so common in prostate cancer? […]

Surgical Management with Hormone Therapy of Lymph-Node-Positive Prostate Cancer Improves Local Control

Diagnosed with lymph-node positive prostate cancer, what are the best treatment options?  Should you add surgery to hormone therapy? These are important questions which have not yet been adequately answered. To help to begin to answer this question, researchers at Department of Urologic Oncology, H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute, Tampa, FL. and [...]

What is the Deal with Vitamin E? More Prostate Cancer Confusion

So, what is the deal with vitamin E? Vitamin E had been a generally recommended for men with prostate cancer, then research put it on the out. Now, a new study from Brisbane Australia suggests a new vitamin E treatment could improve prostate cancer survival rates by inhibiting prostate cancer recurrences and progression in men [...]

Surgical Technique Provides Good Results for Men with Spine Fractures Resulting from Metastatic Cancer

Many men with metastatic prostate cancer will suffer compression fractures in their spine. Since the spine is one of the most common sites for metastatic spread of the disease, the vertebrae often become brittle and at a very high risk for fractures. Hormone therapy and radiation therapy can also have a weakening effect on bone [...]

Communication Problems in Our Medical Care System Create Errors and Financial Waste

It should not be a great surprise to any of us, but a recently published study in the August issue of Archives of Internal Medicine concluded that there are significant gaps between what doctors think their patients know and what patients say they know!  The study consisted of a survey of 89 patients and 43 [...]

Supporting H.R. 6389 (the Prostate Act)

It is again time to contact your members in congress and urge them to support of H.R. 6389 (the Prostate Act), which, if passed, would require coordination and intensification of prostate cancer research by government departments. The bill was introduced on Sept. 29 by the Rep. Edolphus Towns (D-NY), chair of the House Committee on [...]

Some Comments Posted on the ABC News Blog About the President’s Failure to Light the White House Blue for Prostate Cancer

Referring back to last Friday’s post asking that you share your comments on the ABC News Blog About the President’s failure to light the White House Blue, here are just a few of the many that were posted: Why politicize breast cancer? Every kind of cancer is horrible. Last month (September) was prostate cancer awareness [...]