We all have a man or men in our life whom we love, respect and wish to honor. November 21, which is fast approaching, is a date which is being set aside to honor them.

November 21 is our country’s first annual MENS HEALTH NIGHT. On this night we all have an opportunity to honor and remember these men who have been important to us. It is a time to honor the men we love, those who are living and those we wish were still with us. Take the time to honor and remember your sons, fathers, grandfathers, uncles, brothers, friends and partners.

All it takes is one blue light one night a year – on November 21.

It is time to show that you care about the men in your live. Turn on one blue light, take a moment and pause to remember and honor an important man.

MEN’S HEALTH NIGHT is the time to remember the men we have lost to disease, war and violence.

MEN’S HEALTH NIGHT is a night to make sure that your men have made that doctor’s appointment they have been avoiding, so that they will be with you at the next MEN’S HEALTH NIGHT.

On November 10th, Malecare will be joining the Prostate Cancer Foundation and asking the National Football League (NFL) to join us in honoring the men who are important to us by promoting MEN’S HEALTH NIGHT as well as dedicating next October, during the National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, to the blue-ification of the NFL.

*** As part of our celebration of MEN’S HEALTH NIGHT, Malecare will be honored to join with you and celebrate your man. We would be privileged to post a photograph and a p