Soon To Launch in Dublin – GAP4 Clinical Trial of Exercise for Men with Advanced Prostate Cancer

Can exercise improve the quality of life of men with advanced prostate cancer and also extend their survival? To help answer this question a major new global trial known as GAP4 has been launched in Dublin, Ireland. The trial has a goal of recruiting 866 men from seven countries, including Ireland. The trial will be [...]

ASCO 2014 – Exercise Cuts Cytokines in Prostate Cancer

Research released at the ASCO meeting in Chicago confirms that regular exercise is a must for men with advanced prostate cancer.  It was found that a regular and  structured physical exercise program reduces cytokine production which is related to depression and  to the inflammatory processes.  According to the researchers these factors may impact prostate cancer [...]

The Positive Effects of Endurance Training for Men with Advanced Prostate Cancer On ADT

All of us on androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) know that without testosterone our bodies change and we will develop insulin resistance, the precursor to diabetes. In a just very small, just published study investigators examined if endurance training would improve insulin sensitivity and body composition in men being treated with ADT for their advanced prostate [...]

Free Exercise Programs Available for Cancer Survivors at Many YMCAs

Everyone knows that exercise is good for both people with and without cancer, including advanced prostate cancer. For us advanced prostate cancer survivors, going on and off therapy probably makes exercise evn more important than for the general population. It is well known that people with stronger, leaner bodies have more energy, are healthier and [...]

Prostate Cancer Survivors Should be Prescribed Exercise

According to a report released recently by the UK charity Macmillan Cancer Support exercise can benefit cancer survivors, including prostate cancer survivors. This report disproves the theory that those suffering with cancer or who have beaten the disease should simply rest. Rest no more, exercise should be prescribed to those at all stages of cancer [...]

Feeling Fatigued? – Go Out And Exercise

According to a study published April 16, 2008, regular exercise is the best way to manage cancer-related fatigue! Fatigue is a common problem for men with prostate cancer. It is also a common side effect of all the available prostate cancer treatments, both primary and secondary treatments. The most common advice we receive for coping [...]

Does Exercise Encourage the Growth of Prostate Cancer Tumors?

At the recent American Association of Cancer Researchers (AACR,) there was a shocking poster presentation that demonstrated that mice that exercised experienced implanted prostate cancer tumor grow that was twice as fast than did those mice who were restricted from exercising! The study was conducted by the Duke Comprehensive Cancer Center (DCCC) and the Duke [...]