Why A Diet Heavy in Fruits and Vegetables Might Help Men With Prostate Cancer

Many people consider food diet important in both prostate cancer prevention and in controlling its progression. Dietary derived agents, such as the flavonoids derived from fruits and vegetables should be of particular interest for prostate cancer survivors, as they seem to offer both chemo-prevention and an antioxidant effect along with a favorable safety and side-effect [...]

A High Fiber Diet May Be Preventive to Prostate Cancer Progression

We are constantly hearing about possible ways to control prostate cancer through diet. Often, researchers point out that in Asian cultures, even in the cultures that have a similar rate of prostate cancer, the disease seems to progress in Western cultures, but not in the Asian cultures. A University of Colorado Cancer Center study published [...]

So, Where Is Your Evidence – Is Our Propensity to Believe the Folk Law Wasting our Time & Money

Having hot flashes because of hormone deprivation therapy (ADT)? All of us dealing with advanced prostate cancer will be on ADT, it is the usual first line of therapy and it will continue until we die. Men who elect to have radiation to treat prostate cancer as their primary treatment modality will often have some [...]

Starvation – A New Treatment for Advanced Prostate Cancer

What is the role of diet in the treatment of prostate cancer? We hear about changing our diet as a way to slow down prostate cancer progression and we hear about diet as a preventive measure against prostate cancer. It is possible that there could be a new twist on this story, in the future, [...]

Tea, Coffee and Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer, especially prostate cancer risk, has been linked to both genetic and environmental factors. Of the environmental factors, diet is a major concern. The consumption of both tea and coffee, which are two of the most popular beverages in the world, have been evaluated for effects on health outcomes, including cancer. Despite all the [...]

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