Honestly, this is a new one me, but a question was asked on the Malecare Health Unlocked online support group that seems to me to be a new prostate cancer curve ball in nutrition.

For men with prostate cancer eggs can be problem! Eggs contain a lot of choline and choline is a great feeder of prostate cancer. Choline’s affinity for prostate cancer cells is the reason that choline has become one of the better tracers we use in our newer scans. Choline is fine in our scans, but probably not so good in our food.

An article was published in 2010 that showed that at that time only 3 different prospective studies had examined egg consumption in relation to risk of advanced or fatal prostate cancer.

The study results were in conflict. Snowdon and colleagues reported a 60% increased risk of fatal prostate cancer among men eating 3 or more eggs per week compared with less than 1 egg per week. In contrast, there was no difference in prostate cancer death comparing men eating 7 eggs per week (21–38/mo) to 1 or fewer eggs per week in the Lutheran Brotherhood Cohort Study and a 20 g increase in egg intake per day (approximately half an egg) was associated with a 30% reduction in risk of advanced prostate cancer in the Netherlands Cohort Study.

Another , more recent study supported the Snowdon findings. This study determined that there is an association between high egg consumption and aggressive, lethal prostate cancer.

In my additional research I also found an article in the SUN (from the UK) that reported that in a Harvard study:

“Men who eat chicken and eggs are more likely to die from prostate cancer.”

This study, of more than 1,000 men in the early stages of prostate cancer, found that the men who ate two-and-a-half or more eggs per week had