Having hot flashes because of hormone deprivation therapy (ADT)? All of us dealing with advanced prostate cancer will be on ADT, it is the usual first line of therapy and it will continue until we die. Men who elect to have radiation to treat prostate cancer as their primary treatment modality will often have some ADT to shrink the size of their prostate gland or to make the radiation more effective.

What usually comes with ADT? We all know, those horrendous hot flashes. These hot flashes can be all the way from minimal to completely disrupting your life. So, along with the many other side effects we will have from ADT we often work hard to counter these hot flashes. We try various drugs, some of which might actually help promote the growth of prostate cancer, acupuncture, taking various supplements and changing our entire diet. Do any of these work, your guess is as good as mine. What I do know is that no remedy we try eliminates hot flashes. The question is do they even minimize the flashes?

Women, through the normal course of their life will go through menopause and will also experience hot flashes to various degrees. So, what do they do to combat these flashes. T