Response Vs. Reaction: The Mouse Theory of Dealing with Cancer

I was at a restaurant recently and I saw a mouse shoot across the floor and scamper under a table. I wasn’t the only one who noticed the little critter. A number of people began to scream, especially some of the people who were at the table that the mouse chose to pass under. Actually, [...]

Who Should Be Responsible For Survivorship Care? An Question In Search Of An Answer

Survivorship has become a very important part of cancer care as more and more of us survive a longer time. If our cancer has gone into remission we still need additional care, both physical and mental care. An unanswered question in today’s healthcare delivery system is who should be providing the care, a primary care [...]

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The Need To Expand Research Into Pre-hab Therapy Prior To Cancer Treatment

There is a lot of evidence that pre-treatment rehabilitation (prehabilitation or pre-hab) both speeds up and benefits a patient’s recovery after surgical orthopedic treatment for knee and hip replacement as well as cardiac conditions. Having pre-hab, which is often covered by insurance after orthopedic surgery, is pretty standard. Now, based on an article published in [...]

Remembering Andrew And Learning From A 28 Year Old Wise Man

Yesterday, my younger son Max, who is 28 years old, went to the funeral of a fraternity brother. Actually, the young man, Andrew, had been a member of his pledge class at the University of Michigan. Andrew, who was also 28 years old, died of Pediatric Brain Cancer.  Andrew had battled this disease for over [...]

Describing My Experience Being Diagnosed With A Fifth Cancer – A Video To Watch

I attend the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) meeting in Chicago in May.  As usual, it was exciting and it provides me with a fantastic opportunity to catch up with the current research in advanced prostate cancer.  It also gives me an opportunity to meet with and have private conversations with some of the [...]

Evidence Based Data Showing importance of Survivorship Care For Cancer Survivors

Survivorship and survivorship care increasingly takes on a more important role in the care of cancer patients. Over time we will continue to see an ever increasingly emphasize on survivorship as our medical interventions improve, expanding the number of cancer survivors. Today, cancer survivors are becoming a force, demanding increasing research dollars (although not as [...]

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