I attend the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) meeting in Chicago in May.  As usual, it was exciting and it provides me with a fantastic opportunity to catch up with the current research in advanced prostate cancer.  It also gives me an opportunity to meet with and have private conversations with some of the greatest researchers in prostate cancer.

In addition I am occasionally asked to share a survivor perspective to the meeting.  Over the last few meetings I have also made some videos with Patient Power.  At this last meeting I made a video about my experience having been diagnosed with my fifth primary cancer, appendiceal cancer.  The interview lasts about 10 minuets.

If you might be interested in watching the video you can see it at:


I also recommend that you watch the three other videos that will appear.  They are very specific to advanced prostate cancer and very informative.  Especially, as they look to the future of treatment possibilities for advanced prostate cancer.