I was tagged for a meme by Nerd Girl which calls for me to write seven random facts about myself. I am not sure what the demand for information about me is like out there in cyberspace, but I’d guess that it’s low. Here’s my seven anyway:

1. I shave only once a week. I hate shaving and I have very sensitive combination skin so I do it infrequently. If my face is shaved clean on a Wednesday then it must be a special occasion.

2. I do all the Christmas decorating at my house. I do the shopping for bows and ribbon, garland and ornaments. This week I wandered into eleven stores from the Home Depot to the local drug store looking for inspiration for a decorating theme. I now have one but I’m not sharing it.

3. A photo of Devin and I has appeared in a major U.S. magazine at some point during the last six months.

4. I own Josh Groban’s Noel CD because Oprah told me I should.

5. I walked into Victoria’s Secret a few weeks ago and purchased two pairs of pajamas for my wife simply because I’m a nice guy and it’s cold in NYC. Sweat shined my forehead the entire time I was in the very pink store trying to look cool. I started dabbing nonchalantly at the perspiration on my brow when the sales girl helping me asked if my wife was her size, forcing me to assess her body, even though I had already told her my wife’s exact measurements. I said “yes, as a matter of fact she is,” which wasn’t a lie. I ran from the store with a huge bag emblazoned with the same half naked super model in three different poses wearing holiday inspired undies. (I think it was this girl. I’m sure she has a name, but I don’t know what it is.) Men actually laughed at the bag, one guy asked if he could have it once I was done with it. I am proposing that Victoria’s Secret create a man bag of brown paper with the letter “VS” on it for guys like me.

6. Some people think I’m mean and have