I was tagged for a meme by Nerd Girl which calls for me to write seven random facts about myself. I am not sure what the demand for information about me is like out there in cyberspace, but I’d guess that it’s low. Here’s my seven anyway:

1. I shave only once a week. I hate shaving and I have very sensitive combination skin so I do it infrequently. If my face is shaved clean on a Wednesday then it must be a special occasion.

2. I do all the Christmas decorating at my house. I do the shopping for bows and ribbon, garland and ornaments. This week I wandered into eleven stores from the Home Depot to the local drug store looking for inspiration for a decorating theme. I now have one but I’m not sharing it.

3. A photo of Devin and I has appeared in a major U.S. magazine at some point during the last six months.

4. I own Josh Groban’s Noel CD because Oprah told me I should.

5. I walked into Victoria’s Secret a few weeks ago and purchased two pairs of pajamas for my wife simply because I’m a nice guy and it’s cold in NYC. Sweat shined my forehead the entire time I was in the very pink store trying to look cool. I started dabbing nonchalantly at the perspiration on my brow when the sales girl helping me asked if my wife was her size, forcing me to assess her body, even though I had already told her my wife’s exact measurements. I said “yes, as a matter of fact she is,” which wasn’t a lie. I ran from the store with a huge bag emblazoned with the same half naked super model in three different poses wearing holiday inspired undies. (I think it was this girl. I’m sure she has a name, but I don’t know what it is.) Men actually laughed at the bag, one guy asked if he could have it once I was done with it. I am proposing that Victoria’s Secret create a man bag of brown paper with the letter “VS” on it for guys like me.

6. Some people think I’m mean and have told me so.

7. My son just read numbers 3-6 over my shoulder while I was trying to come up with my seventh random fact.

I’m supposed to tag others but I’d prefer to leave it open to everyone – just let me know when you put up your post so I can stop by your blog and ridicule you.