We were driving along the other day when out of the blue Devin suggested that it was time for a vacation.

“I’m ready for another vacation, but not Myrtle Beach,” he said.

“Yeah, I don’t think we’ll be going back there any time soon. I’m over seeing the Confederate flag while I’m trying to relax.” My wife agreed.

“Well Devin how about this: me and mommy go scout out some vacation locations then we’ll let you know what we think will be good.”

He thought about what I had said, which is always a bad sign.

“I don’t like that plan! You are not leaving me home all by myself! I don’t like that at all! No! I’m going with you!”

Neither me nor my wife thought that he’d pick up on the fact that our plan involved him not being with us for the vacation, but he did. This kid is really forcing us to step up our parenting mind games.