The Life Extension Foundation has a series of “Alerts”, one of which is about the problems at the FDA that I have been writing about recently. If you go to their alert web page at you can have the following letter electronically sent to your individual congressperson (Senators and House Representative). It will take you about 3 minuets and all you will need to know is your postal zip code.

Once you get to their web page simple click on the box titled “Take Action Now” under the first paragraph entitled “What You Can Do To Stop Needless Deaths”

If you would like the following message to be sent with your name on it, please go to www.

August ??, 2007

[Your Congressperson’s address will be inserted here] Dear [Congressperson’s name will be inserted here],

I am writing to ask that you sponsor or co-sponsor legislation to enable
cancer patients (and those with other serious diseases) to purchase
medications while they are pending final approval by the FDA. This
approach will allow companies to sell novel drugs with a label clearly
stating that they are “Not Approved by the FDA”.

Consumers who wish to rely on the FDA can limit their choices to fully
approved drugs only, while those willing to take a risk (in consultation
with their doctors) will be allowed to try what they choose. (Companies
that make fraudulent claims for products can be prosecuted under the laws
that exist today.)

This initiative can result in a renaissance in the practice of medicine,
similar to the computer technology revolution that has occurred over the
past three decades. In this environment free of regulatory burden, many
inexpensive cures will very likely be found for lethal diseases. And
greater competition will help eliminate the health care cost crisis that
exists today.

I am tired about reading about medical breakthroughs, only to be told that
I will have to wait years before the therapy might become available. As
1,500 Americans die of cancer each day, I consider the introduction and
passage of such a law an extremely high priority.

Seriously ill people have the fundamental right to make up their own minds
about what drugs they are allowed to try, in consultation with their
physicians. Please let me know that you will sponsor or co-sponsor such
legislation, which will provide us with quicker access to drugs that the
FDA has found safe and potentially effective, but have not yet received
final approval.

(Your Name will be Inserted Here)

Thank You Jimmy for this link

Joel T. Nowak