It is with great sadness that I wish to announce that Randy Pausch passed away on Friday, April 25.

Randy is best known for his famous “Last Lecture.” Randy had been asked by his academic institution, Carnegie Mellon University, to present a lecture to the university community as if it would be his very last prior to his dying. Not known to the community was that Randy had been diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer, although not actually his last lecture, it hold very special meaning and inspiration for all of us. This is especially true for those of us who are also fighting with advanced prostate cancer.

This “Last Lecture,” along with many others he has since given, are among the most inspiring that I have ever watched on the web. If you go to Randy Pausch’s web page, or to Youtube you can listen to this most inspiring man and find links to his amazing lectures. I urge you to listen to his lectures, especially his “Last Lecture,” it will be time very well spent.

The members of the prostate cancer community as well as the general community are all diminished by his death. However, we can all gain great insight and inspiration from his wisdom.

Joel T Nowak MA, MSW