Sometimes I can’t believe that my boy is actually mine.  I watched him come into to the world looking like someone from my father’s side of the family.  I have watched him grow up over the last few years to become my doppelganger, my “mini me.”  I know darn well he’s mine, but sometimes, like the mother in The Omen, I occasionally have my doubts.  Lucky for me I cut his hair nearly bald over the summer and I did not find the “mark of the beast,” just a big head like his daddy’s. 

Anyway, the reason I am going down this path of darkness and woe is that that he has the smartest mouth I have ever heard on a child.  I have had many successes with my son (just listen to my podcasts), but this area is still a challenge.  He gets most ornery when he is in the backseat of the car demanding his favorite radio station.  Over the last several weeks he has developed an addiction to 1010 WINS news radio.  He recites the news stories, knows their catch phrases and taglines by heart, and loves when the news anchors give the time and temperature.  However, it starts getting weird when he insits on hearing about the four women found dead in a ditch, or the man that was gunned down in Brooklyn.  He doesn’t know what the reporters are talking about, but that doesn’t stop him from wanting to talk about it himself!  When he doesn’t get his news, he gets mad.  Pissed is probably a more accurate description.   “Daddy I hate you.”  “Music is stupid.”  “I don’t want to hear this, I want 1010 WINS!”  “I don’t want to share the radio with you or mommy.”  It truly goes on and on.  

Yes, we tell him that what he is saying is not nice and we don’t give into his demands when he’s being rude, but he never relents.  If my podcasts are documentation of my successes as a parent, then my blog is a running total of my failures.  Isn’t sharing special?