I’ve been holding onto this article for a couple of weeks.  When I first read it I was so livid, and visibly so, that I decided to not talk about it until I could form a coherent thought about it.  Most of the thoughts that came to my mind involved four letter words.  I am still not over the article and its contents, I’m just more confident that I can write something more understandable.  (OK, I’m going to stop being cryptic now.) 

The article is about a father trying to get his son out of the foster care system and into his home.  The problem is that the people that have been caring for his son for the last couple of years don’t want to give him up.  I don’t understand how people can decide that they want to keep your kid and actually take you to court to try and make it happen.  As a dad it baffles me that our court system would even entertain such nonsense, yet it does.  I’m not surprised that the courts allow custody battles like the one detailed in the article, but I am pissed about it. 

I don’t care how the kid got into the system in the first place. I’m from the so-called ‘hood and I know all to well that sometimes the system steps in when they are needed and other times they aren’t.  All I know is that this dad has done everything right up to this point in an effort to get his child back (a child that knows him by the way, the dad has had regular visits with his son) and he may not.  

The main goal of any foster care situation is for the reunification of the family whenever possible.  Any decent foster parent knows this and does not stand in the way of a child living with a biological parent, especially if the biological parent is a good one.  Those people (kidnappers?) that are trying to keep that man’s kid should be ashamed of themselves.