On June 13, 2009 I wrote about a competition taking place in London (UK) between a group of very selective advertisement agencies. One entry into the competition was a “wild card” entry, promoting prostate cancer awareness.

The actual advertisement can be viewed at this link (you can just click on the link):

The ultimate winner of the competition will have their advertisements posted on the buses in London. Just consider the value to the community that this level of increased exposure and awareness our community and the general population can have by seeing these advertisements rolling by on the buses in London.

I received the following note from London and it is good news> The prostate cancer entry has made it to the finals. We can now vote (anyone in the world) to see this advertisement posted on the sides of the buses in London. I urge each of us, whether you live in the UK or not to vote each day. The following is the note I received from London which includes voting instructions:


Thanks for the original post above. The great news is, that thanks to the amazing support of people like you, The Prostate Cancer Charity’s bus poster in the now in the Grand Prix (FINAL) round of the ‘Creative Challenge’.

It’s up against posters from the leading advertising agencies in London. But with your help, we’re confident that we can see them off and get the prostate cancer awareness message on buses all over the city.