Aubrey Pilgrim, whom I wrote about here (see “Icons:”, etc), reported this news from a conference he attended last weekend.   I don’t know Dr. Crawford except to say that he is rated #11 on for expertise *on planet earth* in *PC*.  (The list is a hodgepodge of docs in various specialties.)  

I was just thinking that it’s time they substituted “lumpectomy” for regular PC surgery.   By this I mean targeting the cancerous portion of the prostate without removing the entire organ.  This is similar to what they are doing with breast cancer, removing the tumor *while leaving the breast intact.* I don’t know anything about cryotherapy, except that it involves freezing.

I know that my predictions come true, because I told T. some months ago, “Just you wait, they will soon come out with a Trimix (injectable ED med) cream.”  Welll, they came out with a gel.

Also, if you haven’t yet read my piece about Aubrey Pilgrim, have a look.  He’s an interesting guy.   

Here’s the news:

Many of the urologists who now attend Dr. Crawford’s Update are not doing much surgery. The main focus of this year’s meeting was Targeted Focus Therapy. Dr. Crawford has recently become interested in doing mapping of the prostate
with large number of biopsies, then trying to focus the therapy on just the cancerous portion of the prostate. This is similar
to the breast cancer lumpectomy.

They are using cryotherapy to treat just the cancer and not the whole prostate. In selected patients, it seems to be working very well — potency is preserved and PSA is undetectable in patients treated so far.

Dr. Crawford had Drs. Gary Onik and Duke Bahn as presenters then part of a panel. I was also a speaker and a part of a  panel.