Peripheral neuropathy caused by chemotherapy is a very common problem for many of us as we go through a chemotherapy regime. Despite the large numbers of us who do suffer from this side effect there has been limited numbers of doctor suggested remedies.

On the Malecare/ HealthUnlocked Advanced Prostate Cancer online support group there was a recent post from one of the members about a suggestion he has received from his doctor to combat this problematic side effect.

The recommendation was to use Pyridoxine 100mg (Vitamin B 6) twice a day and Alpha Lipoic Sustained release 300mg twice a day for peripheral neuropathy caused by cabazitaxel together with carboplatin.

My search for references for this treatment protocol (Pyridoxine) for prostate cancer chemotherapy induced peripheral neuropathy yielded no hits. I did find that this protocol has some positive data published for the treatment of diabetic peripheral neuropathy.

This individual also added that Duloxetine has also been recommended as having possible benefit at 50mg daily for one week followed by 100mg daily for 4 weeks – from “a published article” which he did not specify.

My further research on Duloxetine indicated that there might be some positive effects on peripheral neuropathy, but the effects seem to be limited.



Before trying any of these protocols you should discuss them with your doctor.