The following is a guest post from a participant of the Malecare Health Unlocked Advanced Prostate Cancer Online Support Group.

I would like to share my ideas for coping with stage 4 prostate cancer. Hoping one or two points may encourage others to think about how they may find a better way cope with their stage 4 disease.

I boarded the Prostate Cancer train in Aug 2009 at age 71. Through out the trip this train has been engineered the joint effort of the VA, Asheville, NC and Dr James Polascik, Duke University Cancer Center. Stopping off along the way, to engage in several treatments and diagnostic scans i.e. a dose of Zoladex (10.8mg); 40+ IMRT treatments; prostate & seminal vesicles biopsies; cryotherapy and various periods of “watchful waiting”.

For the most part, this journey has been taken with a “grain of salt”. One day in May 2015, when I was told my PSA went from 22.9 to 37.7 in less than 90 days and the cancer was now stage 4 in the spine & lymph nodes.

Prostate Cancer suddenly became more than a “grain of salt”. It occurred to me, this PC has become a pretty serious condition, I must consider it so. At the same time, I can’t allow it to become all consuming of my life.

What would the rest of my life be worth? I came to the conclusion I needed some sort guide to keep my life in balance. I settled on the following 5 points:

1- Never allow yourself to be defined by cancer, by never allowing cancer to consume your life! Life is too short…shorter if you have cancer!

2- Stay with conventional methods of combating cancer…do what you need to do…then stop and get on with life! Don’t chase rainbows looking for a cure!

3- Know that everyone is different…different results come from like treatments. Accept and play the cards you have been dealt!

4- Do what medically you are expected to do- no more…no less!

5-LIVE LIFE! Put cancer in a lock box….opening the box only when cancer tries to escape by causing adverse conditions i.e. severe pain etc-

After the first E/L treatment and to date, my PSA has remained “undetectable”. I don’t expect all of the 5 points will be applicable to everyone, however, if there is some benefit to be had from 1 or 2 points- I am taking this opportunity to share my thoughts. It may give someone an idea for living an more enjoyable life.

Act when you have to Act! Then lock cancer away….Get on with your life, as if cancer never happened!

Comment from Joel T. Nowak:

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