In 2005 there was a small clinical trial performed at UCLA evaluating pomegranate juice and its ability to control PSA for men with prostate cancer. The trial gave 8 oz. of POM Wonderful pomegranate juice each day in men with a rising PSA post treatment (recurrent advanced prostate cancer). This trial, which was funded by POM Wonderful, demonstrated that the juice extended PSA doubling time. The paper is available here.

A larger, more recent trial ( has been reported at the G.U. Symposium by researchers from the Johns Hopkins Hospital. This study was also funded by POM Wonderful and used the extract, POM-X pills. On the average, the men’s doubling time had been about 12 months which was extended to over 18 months after starting POM-X. This extension of doubling time was statistically significant. This trial confirmed the results from the UCLA trial.

PSA doubling time is important because the general assumption is that slower PSA increases reflects a slower rate of disease progression and thus an improved quality of life. However this concept is not proven.

None of these trials had a placebo control arm, so the level of evidence is not as strong as I would like to see it. However, I personally take the attitude that the POM-X extract is not going to hurt me and might help me, so I take my POM-X every day.

Joel T Nowak, M.A., M.S.W.