I got a letter from Allegra Poggio, an advocate with the Men’s Health Network (MHN), who asked me to pass on the following very important information to you and ask you to sign a petition on behalf of men with prostate cancer who are receiving hormone therapy.  This treatment is difficult enough without having the government decide which medications a patient should take, based on cost — but that’s what Medicare is doing right now, interfering with the doctor-patient relationship.  Hormone therapy for prostate cancer is no place to cut corners.  Waste can be eliminated elsewhere.

Please everybody, educate yourself about this issue and sign this petition:

Click on http;//www.menshealthpolicy.com/advocacy/lcaPetition.php


I also want to mention that Malecare, my sponsoring organization, has a petition circulating requesting that the government give parity in funding for breast cancer and prostate cancer.  So while you’re at it, sign that one as well.  Ask the government to make prostate cancer a national priority.

Click on

 Message from the Men’s Health Network:

One of the important policy issues highlighted on the MHPC website is the issue of access to vital drugs for prostate cancer patients on Medicare. . .

Right now, Medicare applies a practice called “le