At one point having a car made sense. I live in the boondocks as compared to some of my friends, and I have a child. With gas prices through the roof and summer road tripping a far of dream I’m not sure I should own a car. This is New York after all, the home of the world’s greatest subway system (in my humble opinion), so why drive when you don’t have to? What’s more, Dev is older now and the days of diaper bags and emergency snacks are in the rear view mirror, which makes mass transit a breeze. Last week my wife paid $75 bucks for gas to get her to and from work. I paid $81 for a monthly Metrocard.

The reality is that we love our car and are not giving it up. And mass transit kind of sucks. On a good day I only get coughed on once. Plus the NYC transit system is too intimate. Everyone’s ass seems to be touching whether in the seats or standing up, and when they aren’t touching you’re forced to do all you can to protect it and in doing so you may end up sacrificing your feet or your arms to unintentional molestation. On the other hand my wife drives to work in a climate controlled vehicle with Bleeding Love blasting through the factory speakers, and of course cell phone access. The only issue she has is parking and after 10 am that isn’t much of an issue. Kind of worth it for the $75 in gas, at least to her.

There was talk of a summer gas holiday, mostly trumpeted by the premeditated Democratic Party killer, Hillary Clinton. Obama’s wisdom was evident when he didn’t support it. (John Edwards’ wisdom is evident because as I write this he is making a passionate endorsement of Barack Obama and the Democratic Party that must be united this fall.) I do hope we see a $3 gallon again, though I’m really longing for a the days of $2 gas, but not in place of a permanent solution.

With Dev’s school for the fall decided, and it being a little out of the way, we will be paying more for gas than we’d like. Luckily the congestion pricing plan that the NYC mayor proposed not too long ago was DOA when the state senate declined to vote on it. It could have potentially cost my family an ext