As we come to another Fathers Day I do have to acknowledge that not all of us will simply celebrate or commemorate this day in a joyous manner, some of us will grieve. Today may be a day of celebrations, family visits and barbeques, but for many of us it will be a sorrowful, bittersweet, or even agonizing day.

Most of us who read this blog have lost our father, are struggling to stay alive ourselves or are watching their father, spouse or partner struggle to stay alive.

Holidays such as Father’s Day can bring up many feelings besides joy and gratitude; so let us also remember and honor those who on this day struggle with disease, grieve, feel pain or anger.

On a day like this, having cancer, other serious illnesses and also struggling with grief can make all the bad things seem much worse. It is hard enough to be in this position, but being only able to witness other people’s pleasures and joys while not being able to feel the same way, can make our situation feel even worse. Though you may rejoice for the joyous feelings of others, your own pain, fear, and disorientation may be amplified.

For those of you feeling that way today, my heart and thoughts are with you.

I am grateful and give thanks to God, the universe, and my miraculous body for the healing that I have had as well as for the healing you have had.

Happy and Healthful Father’s Day,

Joel T Nowak MA, MSW