I’ve been a Bob Marley fan since the weekend in my teens when I visited my brother at the University of Pennsylvania and discovered that he had the Reggae master’s full library on CD. I was mesmerized – it was some of the best music I’d ever heard. So when I found out that there was a kids version of the Marley classics being released I was all over it. At first I thought that the CD would be cute kids singing the songs we all know and love, but it’s not. It’s remastered, revised and there is a kids chorus added to several songs, but it’s all Bob. I played the CD for Dev last week and now it’s all he requests.

Since I am a true Bob fan and trust Dev’s musical taste I am participating in a FREE giveaway of B is for Bob. Here’s how to get your hands on a CD:

The first FIVE people to correctly guess Dev’s favorite song from the CD will get a copy. It’s that easy. Everyone get’s two guesses so make them count. If you know Bob and Dev then this should be easy. (Hint: His favorite song is in the first half of the CD.)Click on this link to get the list of songs on the album to choose from (scoll down when you get to the page). Leave your guesses in the comments section and don’t forget to add your email address so I can reach you if you win.


Original Bob Marley songs re-imagined for kids!

Marley?s eldest son, four-time Grammy winner Ziggy Marley, executive produced this adorable new album, which bridges the gap between the timeless Bob Marley and a new generation of kids. Eight of Bob Marley?s songs have been transformed while four of Marley?s other masterpieces remain untouched. In stores June 23, this is the perfect summer album for the entire family to enjoy!

The album also includes fun extras — The CD unlocks bonus online digital content including coloring book pages and a sing-a-long music video plus for Mom there?s a FREE one-year subscription to Pare