In my last post I tried to acquaint people with Aubrey Pilgrim, a great friend of the prostate cancer community and a tireless advocate, who died recently.   I have been in touch with Aubrey’s family and told them people were asking if there was an obituary.  His niece, Pam, sent me this, which is rather basic and does not mention Aubrey’s many, many accomplishments.  Aubrey was a true Renaissance man.  Yesterday Pam wrote me that the obituary that was published and posted here is an abbreviated version of one written by a cousin, and she will try to forward the missing information. 

I am glad to hear about Aubrey’s large family.  He once told me that his wife and children had died before him.  And I knew that he had  lost his beloved second wife, Susan, this year.  So I wondered if Aubrey had any kinfolk left in the world.  I am gratified to learn otherwise.  And the relatives were apparently very fond of their brother, uncle and Grandpa (whom they called “Bud”). 



(From a Mt. Pleasant, Texas, newspaper.)
COEUR D’ ALENE, Idaho — Aubrey Bassett Pilgrim, 84, of Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho and formerly of Mount Pleasant, died Monday, June 23, 2008, in Coeur d’ Alene.  A memorial service will be held at later date.  Mr. Pilgrim was born on June 23, 1924, in Mount Pleasant, the son of James Aubrey and Pearl (Storey) Pilgrim.  He is survived by two granddaughters and a host of great-grandchildren; a brother and sister-in-law, Hubert L. and Edith Pilgrim of Pittsburg, and two sisters, Bertha Capps of Temple and Christell Newman of Willis.


Here is the piece that the Sunshine Monthly from the Methodist Home will be printing.  This is to let people that they grew up with at the Orphange know so they can contact them. 
We have also learned that Dr. Aubrey Bassett Pilgrim ’37-’43 passed away on the 23rd of June.  Aubrey came to live at the Home in 1937, with his brother, Hubert Louis, and sisters, Frances Christell and Bertha Mae.  Aubrey served in WWII and then became a Doctor of Chiropractic in the 1950s, but gave it for electronics.  He worked for Lockheed until 1987.  He wrote many books, mostly on how to built and fix computers, but also on prostate cancer – which he overcame.  Notes can be sent to:  Hubert Pilgrim, 401 County Rd 3318, Pittsburg, TX 75686; Frances Newman, 219 N Forest Dr, Willis, TX 77378; and, Bertha Capps, 1719 W Avenue D, Temple, TX 76504.

(7/29) I am posting a poem I just received honoring Aubrey that was written by his niece:

In Memory of
Aubrey Bassett Pilgrim

A Life Passes

By Pamela Welch
A baby boy was born in 1924
To a loving young couple
Didn’t know what he was in for
That life was fragile like a bubble
His life was not easy
He lost family along the way
But he kept himself busy
Constantly learning along the way
He accomplished much
And loved to have fun
Dealt with challenges and such
Until his work was done
He had a kind heart
But always argued his point
He was somewhat of a bard
Always got the attention of the joint
He was loved by all
It might sound sappy
Among men he stood tall
And made many happy
Go now dear boy
You have earned your rest
You are entitled to joy
You’ve earned your heavenly rest.


In case you don’t read the comments, here are two new ones from family:

Holly Pampell on 15 July, 2008 at 6:16 pm #

I am one of Aubrey’s many great neices and I find it so wonderful to see all the people he touched through his work and passions. He will certainly be missed by all of us! * I love you Uncle Bud!*

Josh Welch on 15 July, 2008 at 7:33 pm #

I am one of Aubrey’s great nephews. I want to thank everyone for such kindness and compassion during this difficult time. I know that Uncle Bud would be very proud to see the many lives that he has touched.