There was just a new site opened for the early/expanded access program for Alpharedin (Radium-235). The new site is at Stanford University, California. This makes a total of four sites, but most of them have not been adequately supported by the drug company, Bayer. Hopefully, this site will be better supported, but if it too has a lackluster level of support it is vital that you start the enrollment process IMMEDIATELY.

Radium-223 Chloride (Alpharedin) is a systemic treatment for Castration-Resistant (Hormone-Refractory) Prostate Cancer Patients With Bone Metastases. In this trial there are no placebos and no cost for the Alpharadin (check with trial site for any other costs).

Basic Eligibility Criteria:
• CRPC/HRPC – on hormone therapy with progressive disease
• At least 2 bone metastases – blastic (sclerotic), not lytic
• Some amount of pain/bone pain (must be taking daily meds – even i