There was just a new site opened for the early/expanded access program for Alpharedin (Radium-235). The new site is at Stanford University, California. This makes a total of four sites, but most of them have not been adequately supported by the drug company, Bayer. Hopefully, this site will be better supported, but if it too has a lackluster level of support it is vital that you start the enrollment process IMMEDIATELY.

Radium-223 Chloride (Alpharedin) is a systemic treatment for Castration-Resistant (Hormone-Refractory) Prostate Cancer Patients With Bone Metastases. In this trial there are no placebos and no cost for the Alpharadin (check with trial site for any other costs).

Basic Eligibility Criteria:
• CRPC/HRPC – on hormone therapy with progressive disease
• At least 2 bone metastases – blastic (sclerotic), not lytic
• Some amount of pain/bone pain (must be taking daily meds – even if it’s Tylenol)
• No mets to lung, liver, or brain
• HGB 10.0 or higher
• Previously treated with Taxotere (or have refused Taxotere – patient’s choice)
• 4 weeks since chemo and no chemo currently planned
• No abiraterone (Zytiga) while on Alpharadin – previous exposure is OK
• No previous extensive radiation to bone (> 25% of bone marrow) and no previous Quadramet or Strontium 89 treatments

If you think you fit this Basic Eligibility Criteria, contact one of the sites below for further screening.

California (new site)
Stanford University
Contact: Euodia Jonathan, (prefers EMAIL), or (650) 723-7419
Stanford, CA 94305

Moffitt Cancer Center
Contact: Bonnie Sauder, RN (813) 745-3574 or
Tampa, FL 33612

Tulane University
Contact: Patrick Cotogno (504) 988-6542 or
New Orleans, LA 70112

Comprehensive Cancer Ctrs of Nevada
Las Vegas, NV 89169
Contact: Victoria Le (702) 952-340 or

* Enrollment Tip – _It often takes a few weeks to complete the enrollment and screening process for an expanded access trial. You may be able to speed up this process
by supplying the clinical trial nurse with your own medical records, which may relieve him/her from trying to obtain them from another clinic. Factor all of this into your decisions. As always, discuss with your physician(s).

Joel T. Nowak, M.A., M.S.W.