Without the mother’s of our children, we as True Black Dads would not exist, we simply would not be dads. So this weekend when we are showing love to our biological mothers (those of us lucky enough to have mothers around to love) don’t forget about those mothers that made us fathers. It doesn’t matter if you are still with the mother or not. As long as she is still a real support system in your life and the life of your child, don’t forget to thank her this weekend. The mother’s of our children have given us a gift to be cherished, and kept safe. The gift is not returnable or refundable, even though we sometimes wish they were (c’mon, admit it, we can be honest with ourselves – I was going leave my son at the returns and exchanges desk at Target just this weekend, but I didn’t have a receipt). When I’m throwing the football at my kid (he’s not so good at catching yet, but loves it when the Nerf football bounces off his body, whatever floats his boat), I can’t help but think that I wouldn’t be doing that without my wife’s unconditional love and support. Her trusting me with the responsibility of being dad is something I do not take lightly. So pop a bottle of Moet, if you are old enough to do so of course, and celebrate life and mothers this weekend.