I’ll proabably say this in some way shape or form in the future because I (and many scientists) really think it’s important:  little kids need lots of sleep!  Sometimes we forget that just because a child can stay up until 9, 10, or later doesn’t mean that they should.  Small children need something like 10 to 12 hours of sleep a night.  Yes, your little unemployed mooch should spend about half their day sleeping.  No, they don’t care that you have worked all day, they have no shame.  The reality is that sleep is when their developing minds sort through, and recover from a day of processing all the new information that they took in.  Also, sleep helps to prevent attention problems (and anything that may help to limit the possibility of another one of our babies being labeled with ADD is worth a lot of consideration).  So put that kid to bed, then put yourself to bed, you deserve the rest!