These days it been?fashionable to say things like “now all people will be judged by the content of their character” and “America has changed forever.” I’ll buy the latter argument because it’s?ambiguous enough to read anything you want into it. The former, however, I have laid?no false?claims to. In my own experience I still get the same corner-of-the-eye looks I have grown used?to in conservative Manhattan neighborhoods the I often find myself strolling through (the ones where you should have on a uniform or at least a?name tag if you do not want to be looked upon with?arched eyebrows after dark).

With good reason the media has been somewhat downplaying the racist activities of a creepy handful?of folk that have swept the nation in the wake of Obama’s win. Be clear, people have been attacked?both verbally and physically because of the unprecedented victory. Some (hopefully) small sections of the US are?actually disgusted?at the thought of a black man as Commander-in-Chief. So far Newsweek has done a story about this rising issue as has the Associated Press and this publication.

I’m disappointed in these incidents, saddened even,?though not hardly surprised. One man or woman?can bring a nation together?in the?name of unity the same way that individuals and groups can tear us apart in the?name of separatism. I remember?when the elders?of our families and neighborhoods would say?”the more things change the more they stay the same.” As a child you don’t understand how profound those words are, as an?adult you find yourself quoting them.

My family and I are praying for the safety of our next president. But we are also hoping that sanity prevails and that the talking heads aren’t right about a resurgence of hate groups and crimes. Because I’m a practicing pessimist, in the back of my mind – and in hushed?pillow-to-pillow conversations with my wife – I wondered if renewed hope could also bring about renewed hate. I’m not loving the early answer but in the grand scheme my ancestors have seen a million times?worse. Racism and hate are not gone, friends. The fight is not over. We must continue to work together to finish the job we started on November 4. Only time will tell if times are changing.?