There was a man who took great pride in his beard. Each morning he awoke and spent at least one hour admiring it in the mirror. His beard had won many contests and his mantle was full of first place trophies.

One morning he awoke and was very surprised when he gazed into the mirror. He found that all the hair on his cheeks had fallen out. He decided to trim his beard so that he would now have a gorgeous goatee.

The next morning he looked in the mirror and found that the hair on his chin had fallen out. He thought to himself that he always wanted to have a moustache. So he trimmed himself and had the best moustache in town.

To is surprise, the next morning, what greeted him in the mirror? He found that the moustache hair had also fallen out.

He said, oh good, now I don’t even have to shave!

It is our attitude that really counts. What is really important is how we choose to approach our world.

(Modified from a breast cancer post by Jacqueline)

Joel T Nowak MA, MSW