Imus was fired from CBS Radio (earlier than expected) on the heels of MSNBC’s decision to drop him, and the loss of millions in advertising dollars. I can’t say that I will lose any sleep over his termination. But as Tom suggests in his comment below, most of us can’t say those kind of despicable things at our jobs, so why can someone that works on the radio? Imus is now living with the consequences of his actions as each and every person on the planet does everyday. He is no different that the rest of us in that sense. It is what it is. But now what? Do we go back to life as it was until the next time (there will be a next time!)? Or will everyone be happy with silencing one jerk and move on with life? Is there a much bigger picture that we’re all kind of missing?

I added a page to the blog on the right hand sidebar called “What are you going to do?” I want to keep the idea of taking action alive. If you think something is wrong, and not just this Imus thing, tell the the world what it is, and what you’re going to do to change it. It can be something in you, or something in the world. It can be a personal boycott (no more buying 50 Cent CDs because of his lyrics). A personal goal (spend more time with the family). Or maybe you want to start a group that will raise money toward bringing awareness to the crisis in Darfur. Tell us about it, inspire us all to start changing what we don’t like about ourselves and this world through your personal decision to take action. We simply can’t raise complacent kids, so we shouldn’t be complacent ourselves.

You can think I’m corny if you want, but I’m tired of feeling like things are happening to me: I want to make things happen!