Until about two weeks ago my boy could not give a memorable kiss on the cheek. He was terrible. It was like putting a mackerel from the local fish market up to your cheek. The kid was a mess. No suction. His mother and I have smooched the boy quite a bit in the last three (almost four) years and for some reason he was not learning from our example. Then one night before bed he told me he wanted to give me a kiss goodnight. He planted one right on the meaty part of my cheek and I cracked up because it was an actual smooch, sound effects and all.

He knew that he had learned a neat trick because he volunteered to give me the kiss instead of me begging him to show his ol’ daddy some love. Just one of those moments in parenting that reminds you that life could be much worse. Still, I’d like to know where he suddenly learned that a kiss was not just lips pressed against a cheek. Am I going to have to talk to some little girl’s parents before his fourth birthday?