First of all, I don’t have anywhere to put an au pair, Chinese or otherwise (unless my wife lets her sleep in the bed with us, and my guess is that that’s not an option).  Second, I can’t afford to pay a decent salary to an au pair, a nanny, a manny, or any other stranger that would be insane enough to want to take care of my kid without back-up.  There’s not enough money in the world.I learned today from a New York Times article that Chinese au pairs are in high demand in the US.  Here I am thinking that my son needs to learn Spanish if he wants to be able to do more than just survive in this ethnically-evolving country, when rich (white?) people are apparently moving on to Asian languages.  Am I missing something?  Then of course I’m left wondering if I’m doing enough to give my kid an edge.  It looks like a few Dora the Explorer DVDs won’t do the trick after all.I, like many dads, want nothing but the best for my child and I still think that a positive loving home is us giving our children “the best.”  Now the question is:  How do we give our little people an edge?  I’ll be working toward answering that question and if I come up with anything interesting, I’ll share.