Is there a patient-medic in the house??

I think I’m suffering from a form of dementia called “Lupron Brain.” This is a kind of mental fog that some men on hormone therapy complain about. I thought women were immune, but I guess I was wrong. I recognize the symptoms.

Here are some actual quotes from men suffering from “Lupron Brain”:

* I can’t concentrate

* I can’t multitask

* I’ve lost my organizational ability

* I’ve lost my creative ability

* My short-term memory is impaired

* I lost my car keys

* I don’t remember where I parked the car

* I have forgotten how to drive a car

The medical profession, as usual, lags behind the patient community. They have yet to recognize “Lupron’s” as a legitimate illness. So I have to turn to a patient-advocate named Ralph ( for a possible explanation. *Note, I am not endorsing this theory, I know nothing about the subject.*

“Some experts believe that a decline in hormone concentrations (both in men and women) might cause alterations in brain neurotransmitters, etc.”

So there: Women get “Lupron Brain,” too. I’m not yet menopausal, but maybe the hormones are starting to peter out and are messing with my neurotransmitters.

“Neurotransmitters” are the “messengers” of the brain, as any self-respecting person who’s ever taken Prozac ought to know. So if taking Lupron “alters” them, it’s not hard to see how there could be cognitive problems. To put it simply, your mail isn’t being delivered. Or it’s being delivered to the wrong address. So it’s not all in the head.

Or is it?

May insightful posters have noted that “Lupron Brain” mimics other common syndromes such as anxiety and depression, which are not uncommon in the PC community. So it’s important for any guy who is not feeling like himself mentally (or his partner) to get a good psychiatric evaluation to rule out other causes.

I was reading a post in a PC newsgroup yesterday by a friend who who has advanced disease and was feeling very down. I was impressed with the sentiment in the responses, but was also gratified to see that men are talking to other men about their psychotherapy and psychotropic medications.

So, maybe one more thing has come out of the closet.

If you want to know my gut feeling — I think “Lupron Brain” is real, but that it coexists with depression and anxiety, and it’s hard to tell which is causing the problem.

Either way, ask your doctors. There are things that can be done, if not to cure the problem, than to alleviate the symptoms.

Take care.