With the Christmas holiday season starting earlier and earlier each year it’s getting increasingly challenging to get into Halloween spirit. The other day I went to my favorite local variety store to grab some Halloween creepiness for the house and what I found was quite amusing. My decorations section was filled with the joy of Christmas! For those of you who read this blog regularly you know that decorating for the Holiday Season is one of my favorite things in the world and I start it immediately after October 31 – but to find the skulls and pumpkins and witches and bats of the the most playful “holiday” (it’s totally not a real holiday) stashed in a corner three weeks before we start watching for the Great Pumpkin seemed a little wack. Granted, I tend to decorate the house for Halloween while listening to Christmas music, but that is besides the point. I listen to Christmas music year round – it makes me smile on those really lousy days when you wish it were the time of the year when everyone was a little nicer and a smidgen happier. Still, on that day I was disappointed.

Then I got a chance to review an actual Halloween music CD and my spirits perked up a bit. As any parent knows Halloween music is a crap shoot mostly, though I recall some really great stuff from my youth. There are no real classics in the genre. Heck, I’m not convinced there is a genre. That said, I was happy to take on Kidz Bop Halloween Party. For those of you who live in a cave, the Kidz Bop concept is to remake popular and old-school music sung by kids, for kids. They’ve been crazy successful with this, and for good reason. In the age of MTV parents need something to remind their kids that they are indeed kids. And Halloween Party does just that.

It opens with a remake of Thriller that I am sure MJ would have thought was well done and then rolls into Disturbia, which is very pop (originally done by Rihanna) and not very disturbing. But where it got me going was with the Ghostbusters, Adams Family and Scooby Doo