I drive a Hyundai. I’m not embarrassed by that fact – it’s practical, sturdy and affordable. But I do fantasize about the sports car and the Big Body Benz. So when RIDEMAKERZ contacted me for a giveaway I was in! And it didn’t hurt that I was familiar with the brand. Dev and I once tried to build a car at their Myrtle Beach store – think Build-A-Bear with pimped out rides – with no luck because the lines were crazy and the kids inside building were in a frenzy. The option to order online is a sweet alternative.

Below is the car we “built” at RIDEMAKERZ.com. It’s a Chevy Corvette C6RS in Piston Fire Red. An all-American sports car for the Fouth of July. You put the body on the chassiz (their spelling, not mine), the wheels and rims, and you can order spoilers, sounds, decals and a bunch of other stuff. It’s fun to put together with the kids, and even more fun to play with. We went with the remote controlled option.


To win the gift card Dev and I will choose from the best comment about why your kid loves cars more than anyone else. Be unique, and be honest. You also have to promise to email me a pic of the car you build so I can add it to this post at a later date. Entries/comments will close on this post on Monday, July 6th at 12 noon Eastern time.

Trust me, this is a VERY cool giveaway. And this is not just for the boys!

See you at the finish line…