Every time I feel any pain, especially when it is in my chest or lower back, the little birdie whispers to me that I have finally developed a bone met. What are just the normal aches and pains from getting older sometimes seem to magnify and turn on the worry switch. It isn’t dissimilar to the fear that men who are doing watchful waiting experience as they wait their PSA test results.

My mind and my imagination can sometimes get the better of me and take over my feelings. I suppose that this is a common experience many of us share in the earlier stages of fighting advanced prostate cancer.

However, I guess that it is a reasonable concern to have, but at my disease stage not yet probable. So I try and ignore it and go on about my business.

I don’t want to be a baby nor do I want to be a complainer so I don’t share the concern or the discomfort. I know that sometime in the future the pain will be a met, but I will not mention it until the pain becomes very severe.

It is not a Macho thing; I just don’t want to further burden my family.

Joel T Nowak MA, MSW