Six years ago in this month I started the American Dad blog through Malecare Inc. Since then I have been writing and working on a so many projects in addition to my regular 9-5 work that I am kind of dizzy. Even when I have gone radio silent for long stretches, I’m usually busy trying out a new idea.

I haven’t taken a more traditional (for lack of a better term) route of many of the dad blogs that I enjoy, love, and respect (and that I have read for years) – I have simply followed my own path. All we can do is walk our own road and be who we are. I’m not a fancy guy, but I do care about dads, and probably kids even more because any energy I try to give to dads directly supports kids. I like to think of my non-profit, Black Dad Connection, as a children’s non-profit by way of dads.

I’m still moving forward, enjoying the process, and exploring concepts and ideas in fatherhood that I hope will be of value to someone, somewhere.

I have merged with BDC because it seems natural. The blog is here, the book is here, and the non-profit is here all making up the Black Dad Connection so far. Thank you for all of your support over the last six years. I look forward to the future!