Crazy, Funny Cancer

I think everybody who is living in close quarters with cancer develops a kind of personal relationship with it and this can influence how they cope. Some treat the barbarian invader with reverence and imagine themselves as warriors doing battle with it. They are knights in shining armor, getting ready to slay the mighty dragon. [...]

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Penile Rehabilitation Works, Studies Show

This is an excerpt from a medical abstract I received today.  The article is short on details but affirms that penile rehabilitation does work.    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Division of Urology, The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston   18 September 2008   "Post-prostatectomy erectile dysfunction affects a considerable number of men and is a significant [...]

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Dr. Glode: “Reality and the Robot”

I am including an excerpt from a blog post written by Dr. Michael Glode, an experienced genitourinary oncologist.  I highly recommend his site because what you get from Dr. Glode is straight talk.  Dr. Glode writes that he's had reservations about robotic prostate surgery for a long time.  He acknowledges that it is now seen by urologists as the [...]

Doctors: How You Can Improve the Lives of Your Prostate Cancer Patients

I initially posted my previous message about depression and PC treatment on a site I have been frequenting which brings together people from diverse backgrounds.  You might be interested to read the responses I got, which came from a broad spectrum of the PC community: patients and their partners, a surgeon, psychiatrist, psychologist, a number of patient advocates and [...]

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