Statins, Screening and Access to Health Care Have Led to Fewer Prostate Cancer Deaths

An editorial in today's edition of Urotoday, "Exploring Causes for Declining Prostate Cancer Mortality Rates in the United States" (1/5/09), looks at possible explanations for the the reduction in deaths from prostate cancer in recent years ('93-'03).  The authors relied on information from a a study reported recently in the journal Urologic Oncology (Nov-Dec). The researchers  [...]

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Step Ahead for Vaccine Therapy

Dendritic cells are replenished from blood  Dendritic cells help direct the body’s immune response by presenting invading antigens to T cells so they know what to attack. But an ongoing debate exists about where dendritic cells originate and how they multiply, especially in the spleen and lymph system. Now, in a paper published in this [...]