Dev's birthday was a great success - turning five is a big deal especially when you wake up relieved to find that you have "the same voice, same body, same feet, and no beard." While we were partying at his school he whispered excitedly to me "this is the best birthday ever!" That kind of [...]

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I'm not sure if Dev is turning five or 25 next week. The kid really thinks he's grown. He's also kind of funny and cute. I think I'll keep him. Here are three things that fly off the top of my head that he's said over the last three weeks. I'm not sure why they [...]

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So I'm walking around the house sans shirt yesterday after a midday shower. The Dev stops me in my tracks and starts staring at my belly. Without a word he commences to poking. and squeezing, and pinching my blubber. He is not smiling. His facial expression is reminiscent of a doctor performing a checkup and [...]