Dev's birthday was a great success - turning five is a big deal especially when you wake up relieved to find that you have "the same voice, same body, same feet, and no beard." While we were partying at his school he whispered excitedly to me "this is the best birthday ever!" That kind of [...]

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I'm not sure if Dev is turning five or 25 next week. The kid really thinks he's grown. He's also kind of funny and cute. I think I'll keep him. Here are three things that fly off the top of my head that he's said over the last three weeks. I'm not sure why they [...]

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So I'm walking around the house sans shirt yesterday after a midday shower. The Dev stops me in my tracks and starts staring at my belly. Without a word he commences to poking. and squeezing, and pinching my blubber. He is not smiling. His facial expression is reminiscent of a doctor performing a checkup and [...]

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The other day my wife went to her grandmother and aunt's apartment to pick Dev up from a sleepover. When she arrived at their home Mama did what all of our elders do - she started to size-up her granddaughter in her unique playful way. She commented on how my wife has put some "meat [...]

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Clearly my son is the light of my life. He's the reason this blog exists and a big reason why I get up in the morning. HOWEVER, the kid is a little nutty. I think that four years old is an age for nuttiness and he does not disappoint. Here are some "Devinisms" that add [...]

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As adorable and fun as our kids can occasionally be, they can also be equally annoying and nagging (sometimes on purpose). That's why every now and then my wife and I like to reciprocate. We like to piss the little dude off. We know exactly what to do to leave his chubby checks flushed with [...]

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We were driving along the other day when out of the blue Devin suggested that it was time for a vacation. "I'm ready for another vacation, but not Myrtle Beach," he said. "Yeah, I don't think we'll be going back there any time soon. I'm over seeing the Confederate flag while I'm trying to relax." [...]

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I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. Mine was fine until Devin started to play doctor. (For those of you that don't know my son wants to be a bus driver, doctor, and teacher - in that order - when he grows up.) First he checked in my mouth and chuckled as he looked at [...]

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"Mommy, Daddy, I'm feeling boomnified." "Whuh?" "I SAID I'M FEELING BOOMNIFIED!" He was half smiling and half serious when he made this statement. "Devin, where did you get the word boomnified from?" "I made it up." Ok. Whatever he says. "So what does it mean?" "It means to be bothered or upset." "Oh. And where [...]

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