This is difficult for me to say. You know I try to keep it real with the readers so I feel compelled to share this piece of personal information: My son can sing Usher’s Love in This Club Part II and (this is a darn shame) Plies’ Bust it Baby Part II featuring Ne-yo from beginning to end.

I don’t know what happened that we got to this point. OK, I kind of do. At some point we started listening to Hip-Hop radio again, just to see what was new, and we didn’t turn it off. Our casual foray back into popular rap and R & B was supposed to be a momentary shift in gears, a reprieve?from the other crap we started listening to. But we obviously loitered in the urban areas of the radio dial for too long.

We were really well behaved for some time – whatever that means. The local lite station was oh so our thing – I’m talkin’ lots of John frickin’ Mayer here (not to say his lyrics are so harmless because he has his moments as?does Mr. Dave “Crash Into Me” Matthews, et al.).?I’m not?convinced there is a way to get away from suggestive music. It seems like there is music for the nursery set and for the teenie bopper set, but not for the in betweens, especially boys.

The reality is that Dev can sing?certain songs?but he has no clue what the lyrics mean, and he has no point of reference to ask questions, yet. At this point we’re testing out a dance station but they remix all the pop music out there?so it may not last long. I’m tempted to?dust off?my Nas, Jay Z, Biggie,?Wu Tang and other discs and throw caution to the wind. But that wouldn’t be right. Right??


A Tidbit:

This morning?I was in the shower, soap in my eyes,?when Dev knocked on the door…