For the last few weeks Dev has been toying with what he calls a French accent. It’s actually very funny coming from a five year old. When in accent mode he refers to this blog as “Afreeekin Amereeekin Dad,” and he rolls the r’s. He says things like “Vhat vas that?” and “Vhat eees theees?” I’m not sure if his accent is French, but it is definitely not New York.?I hear he’s also been perfecting his English brogue. If he can pull that off I’m putting him?in movies. He seems to do most of his comedy, including his accents, because he thinks its funny. I think his mother and I being amused is just icing on the cake – he would do his thing no matter what we thought. He’s his own person, no one can deny that.


Yesterday as I walked into the house?Dev told me that he was changing his name. He did the same thing around this?time last year?so I was prepared to be given a literal name like “student” or “comedian.” But a year later he has gone with a much cooler new name than his last: Venom. Apparently as of late?he has?gleaned lots of inspiration from Spider Man and his evil alien alter-ego.?As his teeth grow in, his mouth reminds me a little of Venom though that’s about it. I should probably be thankful?that that is where his similarities to the comic?book villain (who is now his namesake)?end.

BTW – I’m in the midst of a pretty major personal life change so I am?a bit on the anxious side and unable to focus on things unrelated to that, but I’m trying. I’m also working on?getting a new?theme up so if you stop by and the site is down?or a random homepage is up that’s just me working out the kinks. Someone smarter than me suggested I set up a test site. While I think its a good idea, I have opted to be more public in my experiments (read: lazy). I’ll keep you posted on both.??