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Kick Scooter Crew

Black Dad Connection’s Kick Scooter Crew is for all kid’s who own a Razor Scooter and even the dad’s who have seen there kids on their kick scooters and said “that looks like fun!” There are few things more fun and socially unacceptable than being a grown man on a kick scooter – that is part of the reason BDC says DO IT! If you are going to break a social norm and be a rolling rebel shouldn’t it be one that you can share with your kids? Flip the world the official BDC smiley birdie and have a little fun.

Since Razor brought back the kick scooter over a decade ago, kick scooters have become almost as popular as bicycles, many children often having a bike and a kick scooter. In the time since the comeback scooter manufacturers have upped their game and included products that can hold the weight of grown men. Now dads can join their kids in the park and scoot side by side for a great bonding opportunity.

The BDC Kick Scooter Crew encourages all kids and dads to grab a scooter and get out and have some fun. Plus it burns calories.Any (and we mean ANY) kid or dad with a scooter can join!

Some scooters have weight limits so a dad may have to lose a few pounds before he gets on one, and that too can be part of the incentive and process.

Dads can join the crew with their kids! Holler at us if you are ready to join us!