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Daily CPR

Connect-Play-Read (CPR) Program

Black Dad Connection’s CPR program is a pile of practicality. Kids like to be connected with through conversation, played with, and read to. When it’s dad who is doing the chatting, playing and reading the added bonus is the bonding and connecting that occurs between father and child through the simple interactions. Developmentally all of these things are critical for the proper progression of a growing brain. It doesn’t even matter if a small child barely  understands what it is that their dad is talking about, they just like hearing daddy’s voice and will figure out the meaning of his words in due time.

Play is an essential part of a child’s development and should be taken very seriously. Creative and imaginative play (NOT screen-centered play) is how children make sense of the world around them and it should be nurtured whenever possible. Dad can play a very important role in this process if he is willing to make the time.

Children, especially younger ones, are big on repetition and spending quality time with their parents. A dad will likely find himself discussing the same topics over and over again with a child, including their favorite toys, classmates, events, and so on. It is also likely that a dad will be asked to play the same games over and over again as well as be the same character in a role play many times over. Likewise the same book can potentially be selected for countless days on end to be read as the bedtime story. This is perfectly fine and normal but in order for the parent to stay engaged it is encouraged that dads gently introduce new ideas and stories. It is dad’s playtime as well, after all.

BDC believes that dad should plan to Connect through conversation, Play, and Read with their child each day. There is no suggested time limit, but it is suggested that these activities are performed daily. They can be fit in first thing in the morning, while on the way to childcare, during meals, after work, and at bedtime. Essentially its where ever, whenever, and however you can!